" Have fun! ENJOY! Most Important Part! "
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"Be natural and easy in front of the camera"
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Founder / Owner of Elsie Rose Photography

"Go TOWARDS the Camera"
Lauren’s music and acting background allow her to share techniques that help her clients get into “character”.

Hannah and Grace All Over the Place

She captures these images.

"An expression makes a photograph, and to capture that moment there has to be a bond and trust.

If a baby or child is relaxed and happy they will show you their personality and allow you to capture it.  It takes patience, understanding, and being a child at heart to get on their level.

Acting and singing you learn how to be with people and how to perform for people. When people come to you for you to shoot their photographs you are able to connect with them really well. I know what the pictures need to say. From acting you know different characters and how to get them out of someone.

Headshots... tell story of the character you are playing for that time.This makes a headshot alot more interesting and it stands out alot more than just a pretty picture."


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