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"it is a fantastic film!"

"Uplifting"                  "Filled with Hope"
Writer / director, Theresa Picciallo, explains," 'Let Go' is a short film
about the uncertainty of fate. When life's hardships put you at a cross
road, you have two choices: walk down a path of self-destruction, or
take the path of strengthening. Sometimes, while walking on your
chosen path, an unexpected stranger intervenes in your favor. Some
people believe these situations are mere coincidences, while others
believe them to be divine interventions.

By opening a window into the lives of the two main characters, Mark
and Marcy, 'Let Go' touches upon the connection between those who
are living and those who are not. For some, 'Let Go' is a short film that
tells the story of two unrelated strangers who coincidentally come
together during life's hardest times. For others, it shows the miraculous
journey of a little girl who has one more job to do on her way to Heaven.
Are coincidences actually God's way of remaining anonymous or are
they just a small thread of fate? You can decide for yourself."